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Ouch! Ever felt this when your head accidently gets banged to the wall?  We believe in keeping you safe not by wall, but definitely by the dangerous roads that you come across during your journey!

This summer be cool, wear your helmet. Apex: The top or highest part of something; 

PIT500 introduces Apex Helmets which does absolute justice to its meaning!Apex Helmets, a very interesting helmet invented in the wonderful country, Italy is now available at PIT500. Come feel the freedom with ambition and passion, to reach new heights of victory! Get the supremacy power to dominate the riders.

 Apex, the touring helmet, is born to satisfy the needs of riders looking for maximum stability and aerodynamic performance.

Well, the first question that will come in your mind is that how is Apex Helmet different from other helmets?

Yes, there are stylish, safe, comfortable helmets but Axor helmets have all of these qualities as well as the fact that it is quite reasonable. If you are a regular rider, you would know that it’s quite expensive to buy the riding accessories and that is exactly what PIT500 aims at; to make your journey not only safe and comfortable but also there is a vast variety of Axor Helmets which will help you choose your favourite one reasonable at the same time. Want to save money? Buy Apex Helmets!

 Here are the types of Axor Helmets available at PIT500 store and website for you!

APEX FALCON: To safeguard the biker, the dual EPS liner of a helmet is designed to fit the head perfectly to absorb the energies of an impact and avoid penetration. The chinstrap secures the helmet and the head in order to prevent them from rolling.
APEX TIKI: Apex Tiki gives you a funky look. The aesthetic graphics of an Indian tribal on the helmet gives the jazzy feeling to the rider to groove on the roads and cherish the journey. 

APEX HEX-2: Apex Hex-2 is a classic blend of modish Stunner Helmet with the newest graphics that are designed for riders to seek maximum stability and aerodynamic performance with DOT and ISI standard certification.

APEX HUNTER D/V: Integrated Spoiler for Streamlined Presentation & Stability at High Speed, tough Polycarbonate Material and comes in two variants – clear and smoke.

APEX JOKER: DC Comics, Inc. is an American comic book publisher and the flagship unit of DC Entertainment, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Axor Helmets is the first brand in India to collaborate with DC comics. In collaboration with DC, Axor has come up with an exclusive range of helmets comprising iconic characters of DC and the first of its kind is Joker. ‘Joker known as the Clown Prince of Crime has been the most formidable nemesis’.

Thinking about the reasons to buy an Apex Helmet? Let PIT500 make it easy for you by listing a few!

  1. Prevents from fog – If you decide to go for an early morning ride in winter, Apex helmet has fog coating which will prevent you from the fog throughout your journey. Therefore you can not only use this helmet for your riding journey, but also for daily use protection while travelling to the office, etc
  2. ISI, DOT and ECE certification – It’s the certifications that actually makes one rely and trust the brand and Apex has the necessary certifications which can make it convenient for the costumers to choose a helmet for themselves
  3. Protection from sun – Sun is an unavoidable natural element and while riding it can really cause discomfort. Apex helmets acts as sun visor and protect you from  the hot loo.
  4. Trouble free – A few common problems faced by helemts re that they are difficult to clean or it’s difficult to replace visor. Well, these problems are completely eliminated when it comes to Apex helmets!
  5. Availability of spares – Spares are easily available via Axor website, therefore if you plan to go for a ride, you don’t need to keep searching for spare parts of your helmets are they are easily available on it’s website.

What are you waiting for? Make this journey the best by buying the best Apex Helmets for yourself at none other than PIT500 and own the experience like no other!

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