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Motorcycle Riding Gloves for Men and Women

Fashionable Riding Gloves: Combining Style, Functionality and Safety 

Riding is not only about riding a bike, but it is also about style and how a rider carries themself. Riding gloves, therefore, add up to your personality as a whole. Want to feel an adventurous ride with stylish you? Let’s make it happen! PIT500 presents to you, its stylish, Voguish Riding Gloves; 

Bikeratti Matador: Presents to you riding gloves in, yellow the colour of summer, Matador riding glove is made for fans of torque motorcycles and combines unrelenting strength, adequate protection, comfort, and flawless appearance. It is a short, completely perforated summer glove that is both flexible and strong. The TPR finger knuckle protectors and leather-wrapped hard-shell knuckle ensure sufficient impact protection, and its laminated layers make it tactile and comfortable. At Rs.2400-/ Only. Looking for style within budget, Bikeratti Matador is the one for you! 

Dainese MIG C2 Unisex: Who doesn’t like to get cosy during summer? We all do, some with their partners and the Rider with their Riding Gloves. The Dainese MIG C2 Riding Gloves are incredibly cosy while maintaining a racing-inspired design. The hands are reinforced with synthetic suede, and they are made of abrasion-resistant cowhide The bundle is completed with extra features like adjustable wrists, pre-curved fingertips, and a mesh insert. At Rs. 8,999-/ Only, Dainese MIG C2 is a complete package for a passionate rider. 

DSG Carbon Glove: Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, if you don’t you will soon with DSG Carbon Gloves. The third generation of the DSG CARBON riding glove draws on the reputation of earlier models and represents the evolution of a key item in our lineup. The short-cuffed DSG CARBON riding gloves underwent a full redesign to give them a future-ready style in accordance with our entire sports collection, in addition to further fit upgrades that improved both the freedom of movement and the comfort while riding. At Rs.3,499-/ PIT500 presents to you one of its number one collections. 

Korda street short cuff riding gloves: Looking for a budget-friendly everyday riding glove? The Korda Street Gloves are a perfect companion for everyday riding in hot weather. Lightweight riding gloves with a PVC hard knuckle, stretch spandex and breathable mesh for protection and comfort. Feel free from sunburns and tanning this summer only with Korda Gloves available at Rs.1,850-/ Only. Feel free to ride anywhere carefree this summer! 

Ride anywhere, but where? Confused? Here is a list of places you can go Riding this summer; 

Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir 

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh 

Western Arunachal Pradesh

Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu 

Mumbai – Goa 

Shillong – East Khasi Hills 

Valparai – Vazhachal Forest 

These are a few places you should visit in summer if you haven’t yet with none other than your partner, your motorcycle! 

Coming back to Gloves, last but not least Raida Cruise Pro: PIT500’s masterpiece, With new materials and construction methods that set the standard for the industry, the finest retro-designed glove is back on the market. The Hi-flow Perforated Leather chassis of the Raida Cruisepro II Gloves offers better comfort and wearability. A built-in, CE-certified impaction knuckle protector provides exceptional safety and comfort, and the TPR wrist closure keeps the glove in place. THIS SUMMER RIDE CAREFREE AND MAKE THE MOST OF IT WITH THE BEST RIDING GLOVES AVAILABLE AT PIT500!

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