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SMK Allterra Offroad Helmet - PIT500




SSMK ALLTERRA Offroad Helmet UNICOLOR Helmet Pit500 is the new MX addition to complete the SMK Range. Made of 2 outer injected EIRT shells for optimized safety and comfortable fitting, it has been conceived by the world’s most famous MX experts for off road lovers!

It features an easily removable and adjustable peak. With the washable and removable hypoallergenic liner equipped with anti-moisture management & antistatic properties you are always good to go. The channeled ventilation system with multiple air vents and air exhausts provides maximum comfort to the rider. The extra wide eye opening allows hosting mx goggles in a firm way during x riding which will allow an excellent view of the track.

SMK ALLTERRA Offroad Helmet is available with strong graphics as well as in unicolor versions.

Safety is always your top priority when going on an off-road adventure. The right helmet can make a big difference in protecting you during extreme off-road activities. That’s where the SMK Allterra Offroad Pit500 helmet comes in. Combining the latest technology, superior design and unmatched protection, this helmet is a game changer for off-road enthusiasts. Join us and discover the amazing features and benefits of the SMK Allterra Pit500 off-road helmet. Unmatched Security:
Safety is paramount and the SMK Allterra Pit500 Off-Road Helmet is suitable for all levels. Made with high-quality fiberglass, this helmet has excellent impact resistance, ensuring maximum protection in the event of an accident or fall. It meets international safety standards, giving you peace of mind knowing your head is well protected on your off-road adventures.
Advanced ventilation system:
Pedaling can be intense, and it’s important to stay calm and relaxed throughout. The SMK Allterra Offroad Pit500 helmet features an advanced ventilation system with multiple intake and exhaust ports. This smart design allows for optimal airflow to keep you cool and reduce the risk of heat exhaustion. Say goodbye to sweaty and uncomfortable rides!

Perfect fit and comfort:
Working long hours on rough terrain requires a helmet that offers an impeccable fit and maximum comfort. The SMK Allterra Offroad Pit500 helmet features a dual-density EPS liner that not only ensures a perfect fit, but also absorbs impact energy to increase your safety. The soft inner padding is removable and washable, so you can stay clean and fresh even after the rigors of adventure.
Clear vision and shield protection:
Visibility is key when navigating difficult off-road trails. The SMK Allterra Offroad Pit500 helmet features a large anti-scratch and anti-fog visor to give you clear, unobstructed peripheral vision. The quick-release visor mechanism makes it easy to change the visor, allowing you to easily adapt to different lighting conditions.
Improved Noise Reduction:
Off-road environments can be noisy and excessive noise can be distracting and tiring. The SMK Allterra Offroad Pit500 helmet features an advanced noise reduction system that reduces wind and outside noise so you can focus on the road and enjoy a more immersive ride.
In conclusion:
For off-road enthusiasts looking for the perfect combination of safety, comfort and performance, look no further than the SMK Allterra Pit500 Off-Road Helmet. With superior impact protection, effective ventilation, a snug fit and an unobstructed view, this helmet is designed to enhance your off-road adventures while keeping you safe and comfortable. Don’t compromise on safety – take thrilling rides with confidence with the SMK Allterra Offroad Pit500 Helmet!



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