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SMK Full Face Stellar Helmet


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Prepare for extraordinary riding experiences with the SMK Full Face Stellar Helmet. This exceptional helmet combines cutting-edge technology, superior comfort, and impeccable style to elevate your journeys to new heights. Let’s delve into the features and benefits that make the Full Face Stellar Helmet a must-have for riders seeking stellar adventures.

Advanced Protection and Comfort:  Its impact-resistant shell and high-density EPS padding provide unparalleled safety, while the plush interior lining and adjustable ventilation system offer optimal comfort throughout your rides.

Sleek Design and Visor: Featuring a sleek and aerodynamic design, the Full Face Stellar Helmet not only enhances your safety but also turns heads with its stylish aesthetics. The visor provides excellent visibility and shields your eyes from wind, debris, and harmful UV rays, ensuring a clear and enjoyable riding experience.

Technical Specification:

  •  The external shell is aerodynamic in shape and constructed from EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic), providing excellent impact resistance and meeting the ECE 22-05 homologation standards.Inside the helmet, you’ll find a multiple-density EPS liner, which enhances impact absorption and safety. The helmet is equipped with a quick-release visor mechanism, allowing for easy and convenient visor changes. Embedded speaker pockets are also included, providing compatibility with communication systems for added convenience.The inner part of the helmet features breathable and hypoallergenic liners, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free wearing experience. These liners are fully removable and washable, allowing for easy maintenance and hygiene.Weight of approximately 1450 grams.
  • The SMK Full Face Stellar Helmet offers a lightweight feel, reducing fatigue and providing a comfortable riding experience.
  • Air Ventilation:Additionally, the helmet features hot air rear exhausts strategically positioned to further facilitate heat dissipation, ensuring optimal ventilation. Moreover, the top air vents allow for additional airflow, promoting increased breathability and comfort during rides. Together, these ventilation features contribute to a cool and comfortable riding experience, even in warm weather conditions.
  • Visor:With its UV-resistant properties, the helmet protects riders from harmful sun rays, reducing eye strain and ensuring clear visibility. Moreover, the helmet is Pinlock ready, allowing riders to attach a Pinlock insert for anti-fog functionality. This feature is especially beneficial in challenging weather conditions as it prevents the visor from fogging up.






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