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KORDA METRO RIDING JACKET pit500 : A true-blue urban commuter jacket with the specs to back it up. The KORDA® Metro jacket is a lightweight, comfortable, feature-rich everyday protection garment for your ride to and from work or for short weekend rides.


High-Performance Fabrics:

KORDA® believes that at the core of a great riding jacket is the careful selection of technical  fabric. The primary purpose of the outer fabric shell of the jacket is to provide abrasion protection, and serve as a sturdy garment to hold the impact armour in place during a crash.

The Metro jacket utilizes a Dynatec™ HTP textile construction, which tailors high tensile woven fabric to achieve an ideal strength to weight ratio, a KORDA® hallmark. This provides the rider with a protective garment that is both light and resilient.

The jacket is lightweight enough for all-day comfort, yet strong enough to withstand the demands of all-day riding. Our proprietary DuraStitch™ pattern stitches all foundation panels with super strong bonded nylon thread to ensure the jacket’s durability.

Impact Armour:

The KORDA® Metro jacket, being a high-value option, prioritizes safety without compromise. To achieve this, the company incorporates the latest generation of armor for all protectors in its range, guaranteeing optimal comfort for the rider. Specifically, the Metro jacket utilizes impact protectors that hold Level 2 certification, making them suitable for advanced or track rider use. These protectors adhere to a standard that mandates the maximum transmitted force or impact to be below 9kN. The armour is also test validated T+T- for stability in thermal extremes of -10°C to +40°C. So whatever the environmental conditions, your armour will remain in peak performance. Italy, which are pioneer in nano-tech composite armour.

  • Limb Armour – CE certified EN1621-1: 2012 Level 2 limb protectors for both the shoulders and elbows. This is the highest standard of armour currently available in motorcycle protection in the world.
  • Back Armour – CE certified EN1621-2: 2014 Level 2 back protector. This is the highest standard of armour currently available in motorcycle protection in the world. The KORDA® Metro jacket also uses a larger than normal back armour size in order to provide maximum coverage.


The Metro jacket has reflective panels and trims, which ensure that the rider is visible even in low-light conditions. This material has been the gold standard in reflective fabric for many decades due to its high performance and durability. Stay visible – stay safe!


KORDA® designers meticulously designed the Metro jacket to ensure a proper fit by utilizing select materials and laser-pattern makers.

This attention to detail ensures that the jacket has a proper drape, which is a hallmark of KORDA® garments. The Metro jacket is no exception, and it exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing riders with protective gear that is both functional and stylish.

Ergonomics & Comfort:

To enhance the functionality of the Metro jacket, KORDA® incorporated ergonomic styling cues such as pre-curved sleeves to prevent fabric bunching and an asymmetric waist pattern to keep the jacket from riding up when the rider is crouched. Additionally, the jacket features clever innovations such as ergonomically placed pockets and easy-grip zipper pullers to provide easy reach and convenience for the rider. Superior design styling from KORDA® also ensures that the Metro jacket has proper inlet and exhaust panels to facilitate superior airflow.


Designing its products with immense pride and care is a top priority for KORDA®.

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