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SHAD SH33 Top Case - PIT500



The SH33 is a compact and practical top case, made with high-quality reinforced polypropylene and with capacity to hold a modular helmet and gloves. With curved shapes and smoked reflector, it’s a basic model of SHAD’s range. It has the perfect size, as it can be adapted both to scooters and to low displacement motorcycles. With no pins between the hinges and a semi-circular curve in the back of the case, it offers more comfort and ergonomics for the second passenger.

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  • Maximum Load: 3
  • Width: 43 / Height: 31 / Depth: 42
  • D1B29PAR plate included
  • Full face helmet and gloves
  • Optional brake light as an accessory
  • Optional backrest as an accessory
  • Secure Lock System
  • Change Colour System



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