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Riding a motorcycle is fun.

Over the years, the motorcycles have evolved from just being a commuter vehicles (especially in countries like India), to sophisticated powerful machines. The riding is no longer for just the daily commute.

Today’s motorcycles have higher Cc, higher horse power, more weight and can be one of the fastest moving vehicles on the road. There are thousands of new riders who graduate from riding a small motorcycle to mean machines J. This shift needs to be supported with proper gears that go well with the bigger vehicles and provide the safety required for the speed riding.

Riding jackets play an important role in a rider’s journey. These have become a de-facto standard riding gear for all the riders. Many riding clubs and groups make it a mandatory requirement to have a CE level-2 jacket, to ride with them. This is a good safety measure.

What does a Jacket do, for a rider ?

When you ride for couple of kilometers (or miles), the wind may not hurt that much. But, imagine, you are going on a long ride that is 100 km plus (62 miles plus) and you are driving at high speed. The chest and the shoulders need a lot of protection from the wind pressure, at high speeds. The riding jackets are engineered to sustain the wind pressure and give you a tireless riding experience.

There are many brands of jackets that are available to suite the various riding styles and the weather. We will not be able to cover all the brands and the variants. However, an attempt is made to provide insights into 4 brands.


The Italian brand boasts of style, safety, designs, and the perfect fit. The Dainese brand is a well known brand amongst the motorcycle enthusiasts. They offer the highest levels of protection, technical materials for dealing with all conditions and ergonomics studied for maximum comfort and performance on any route. Dainese motorbike jackets have been an icon since 1972.

The variety in this brand is so wide, that you will always find something that meets your needs. The jackets are made with superior mesh or leather, which provides the protection for the body. The shoulders and the elbow protection are of Level-2 and some are with Level-1. The jackets come with chest and back protectors. These are the best in class.

When you buy a jacket, make sure that it fits snugly on your body. The shoulders and the elbows provide for easy movement to manoeuvre the motorbike.

Some of the variants come with inner linings for winter protection and some have rain protection. Depending on the season, you should look at having the right jacket for the ride.


This is a made in India product. The finish and the safety features of the DSG jackets are very good. These are CE Certified. The variants from DSG have color options to chose from. The Evo, and the DSG Pro models are very popular. The jackets are inspired by MotoGP and designed for the riders who crave for speed.

Some of the DSG jackets are airbag ready. This is a great new feature of safety for the riders. The Race Pro variants come with the racing hump, which protects your back, in the event of a fall.

Look for the mesh quality when you are buying the jacket. Make sure the jacket accommodates chest protectors, back protectors and has CE Certified elbow and shoulder protectors, which are normal in DSG jackets.

As the jacket is exposed to extreme weather conditions of dust, cold, rain, check how the zipper is protected. The DSG jackets have flap covers to protect the jacket zippers in all weather.

The comfort factors of adjustment, liners, stretch panels etc are very nicely crafted in these jackets.

These jackets have detachable Winter and Rain liners. Makes them a perfect fit for all weather riding.  


Raida is a Made In India product. Light weight. This is a good entry level jacket for anyone looking to get used to riding the bike with a jacket. It is a great accessory, which looks cool on the rider, with color variants and sports variants.

Lightweight, sporty and protective, the Raida® BOLT jacket is tailor-made for all kinds of terrain. Reflective inserts throughout the jacket help you stay seen while riding at night. Additional features include an adjustable fit, a short connection zipper to attach the pants, and plenty of pockets both inside and outside of the jacket for storage on the go.

Please look for the certified elbow and shoulder protectors when you are buying this jacket. The fit of these jackets are very nice. The PU material used for the jacket is of very good quality giving the comfort and the aeriation required in all weather.

For your regular riding, these jackets with light material, wind protection, and back protection are the best suited ones.

Moto Marshall

Pushing the boundaries of what one can expect from an all-season riding jacket, Valor is constructed with features that offer durability, comfort, and versatility. The abrasion-resistant outer shell is paired with Level 2 armors placed at the shoulder, elbow, and back and an EVA shield at the chest to offer complete protection. The Moto Marshall Valor jacket comes equipped with detachable rain and warm liners. The jacket has military spec nylon adjustments to give a tailored comfort fit. The ventilation panels at the front and back offer maximum airflow.

While jackets form an essential riding gear for the riders, it is important to understand what to look for when buying the jacket. These are protective gears (in addition to making the rider look cool) and there is a lot of engineering and trials that go into manufacturing a safe jacket.

Ride Safe. Stay Safe. Own the experience like no other….