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SMK Stellar Grafiti Yellow Helmet - PIT500



STELLAR GRAFFITI is a Full-face helmet, made using the latest generation materials for maximum safety and style. It is characterized by bold contours and a strong and aggressive design. A light weight and superior fit gives riders great comfort even during long durations of use.
The extra wide, one touch replaceable visor, provides an excellent view of the road. An efficient ventilation system, with advanced channelled air intakes on the chin-guard and top of the helmet provides maximum comfort on long journeys and all weather conditions. SMK Stellar comes with an exciting range of features like Wind Stops and Pinlock® 70 ready visor.

our helmet is not just a safety gear; it’s an extension of your personality. The SMK Stellar Grafiti Yellow Helmet Pit500 combines exceptional safety features with a vibrant and eye-catching design. Ride with confidence and stand out on the road with this remarkable helmet. Join us as we delve into the outstanding qualities and benefits of the SMK Stellar Grafiti Yellow Helmet Pit500.

  1. Striking Grafiti Yellow Design: The smk Pit500helmet  is a head-turner with its vibrant and visually captivating grafiti yellow design. The bold and energetic color makes a strong statement, allowing you to express your unique style while prioritizing safety. Be noticed and make an impact wherever your ride takes you.
  2. Superior Safety Features: Safety is paramount, and the SMK Stellar Grafiti Yellow Helmet Pit500 ensures uncompromising protection. Built with a robust and impact-resistant shell, this helmet provides excellent head protection in case of accidents or impacts. It adheres to stringent safety standards, giving you the confidence to ride with peace of mind.
  3. Comfortable Fit: Long rides demand a helmet that offers exceptional comfort, and the  Pit500 delivers just that. The interior is crafted with soft and breathable materials, providing a snug and comfortable fit. The adjustable chin strap and removable padding allow for a customized fit, ensuring maximum comfort during extended journeys.
  4. Efficient Ventilation System: Stay cool and comfortable on hot rides with the efficient ventilation system of the SMK Stellar Grafiti Yellow Helmet Pit500. Strategically placed vents facilitate optimal airflow, preventing overheating and reducing perspiration. Enjoy a refreshing and well-ventilated ride, even in challenging weather conditions.
  5. Enhanced Visibility: The vibrant grafiti yellow color of the Pit500  helmet enhances your visibility on the road. It increases your presence and makes it easier for other drivers to see you, especially in low light conditions. Be confident when making a bold fashion statement.

Conclusion: For riders who want to stand out while prioritizing safety, the SMK Stellar Grafiti Yellow Helmet Pit500 is the ultimate choice. With its striking grafiti yellow design, superior safety features, comfortable fit, efficient ventilation system, and enhanced visibility, this helmet offers the perfect balance of style and protection. Embrace your individuality and ride with confidence, knowing you have a helmet that not only keeps you safe but also reflects your vibrant personality. Gear up with the SMK Stellar Grafiti Yellow Helmet Pit500 and make an unforgettable impression on the road.



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